Your ultimate guide to Rummycircle

Rummycircle – Are you a gaming addict? Do you instantly open your gaming app when you have 5 minutes to yourself Well why not make some money while you are at it?

Rummycircle is an app that today, thousands of people are using everyday to make money simply by playing the age old game of cards. If you are a complete stranger to the game like me, here’s a break down of the game to make it easier for you.

What is Rummycircle?

Rummycircle is an app wherein the contestants play the game of cards. The game is played with 2 to 6 players with 2 or more packs of 53 cards each. There is one joker in each pack. Based on the points you win, you are awarded a certain amount of money. It is compulsory to bring a minimum amount to the table. Like a cricket match, there will be a toss, where who gets the first move is decided.


How to play?

Now, to play the game is what most players are confused about. Mentioned below are the simple things you need to know about Rummycircle.
As mentioned above, you will have two sets of cards : an open deck and a closed deck. You can see the cards in the open deck but you can’t see the cards in the closed deck. The open deck is formed by the cards discarded by the player. Now, to win you must make sets of 3 or 4 cards out of the 13 cards. The sets may be pure or impure. A pure set is made out of cards that are same in number and symbol and an impure set is made of cards that have dissimilar number or symbol. It is compulsory to make a pure set along with impure set and sequence. You must stack the cards ranking low to high.
Pure sequence – As mentioned above, a pure sequence is essential to win. A pure sequence is made without the use of joker or any wild card.
example: 3❤4❤5❤6❤
Impure sequence- An impure sequence is made with the 3 or 4 cards from the same suite where the use of 1 or more joker card is made .
Example: 3❤4×5❤6❤
Where stand x stands for a joker card or any wild card.

The game will begin by dealing each player with 13 cards. In the beginning a card is pulled out at
random as the joker or wild card. You may use this to form impure sets and sequence.
While playing rummy you will encounter certain common terminologies that you may not understand
as a newbie. Given below are a list of words that will help you manoeuvre through the game.

The Rummy table-

The Rummy table is where the actual game will be played. You will find yourself playing with 2 to 4
people at a single game.

Deck –
The deck is a standard set of 52 cards that has 13 cards from each suit that is Heart, Diamond, Spade
and Club.

Draw pile-
Draw pile is the pile of unused cards kept facing upside down in front of the player. Cards can be drawn
from this pile.

Discard pile-
This is a pile of cards discarded by the player.

Points for each card-
Ace : 10points
King: 10 points
Queen : 10 points
Jack :10 points
10: 10 points
The cards with numbers will have points according to the number.
Example : 4 will have 4points.
6 will have 6 points.

Sorting of cards-
Sorting of cards is done at the beginning of the game. It helps you arrange your cards and make your
sets and sequences. It reduces the probability of mixing your cards. Once the cards are displayed, all
your cards will be in an ascending order, making it easier for you to devise your strategy. Once your
cards are sorted, you may press the Sort button provided on the screen which will allow you to continue

A drop is when a player decides to withdraw from the game as a personal decision.
Points are lost based on the time of the drop.
First drop -10points
Middle drop-30points
Last drop – 80points

A Tournament, in Rummycircle is played for real cash. It is played in knockout style. These
tournaments happen 24×7. To play the game you have to add cash to your Rummycircle account.

Point calculation in Rummeycircle-

The winning for pools in Rummycircle is calculated as per given below:
Winnings={ Entry fees × Number of players} – Rummycircle fees

These were some of the basic things you should know before you play Rummycircle. You will gain more
knowledge as you play and make mistakes and correct them. Until next time, cash away.

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